Christophe Flament

Web developer & Computer consultant

I am a Web developer with several years in a professional background developing desktop & web applications. I also install and maintain computers.

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Professional Skills

PHP & Laravel (knowledge growing by the day)
Vagrant, Homestead, Valet
CSS & Bootstrap
4D (4th Dimension)

Personal Skills

Clean & Standards-compliant code
Will to learn and be challenged
Team Work
Back end

Very good experience with Laravel framework (this page is Laravel driven)

5+ years of development experience with Object Oriented programming, specifically with PHP

Familiarity with Eloquent’s ORM

Advanced knowledge of relational database systems and web application development

Experience working with

  - API - either consuming APIs or creating my own

  - RESTful API, JSON and XML (currently uses JSON)

  - Postman

  - Using third-party email services like Mailgun, Sparkpost

  - Setting hosting configurations (MySQL, SSH, Composer)

  - Setting WordPress sites

Great experience retrieving information (HTTP requests or file management) and parsing it to extract data

Front end

Experience writing HTML5, CSS3 and AJAX for web applications

Good knowledge developing UI/UX for web applications using Vue.js or to integrate with back end and Laravel

Exceptional attention to detail in crafting user’s interface

Solid understanding of web usability principles including adaptive and responsive web development

Tools being used: axios, vuex, node, npm, yarn and others

Coding practices and skillset

Write well designed, efficient code by using best software development practices and coding style - NO spaghetti code!

Continuously look for opportunities for website or process improvement - Read a lot of documentation

Write code that is reusable, maintainable, adaptable and can scale

Very skilled finding solutions for complex problems

Years of experience in the relationship with clients, figuring their requirements and coding it

Excellent customer interface and ability to manage multiple environments & systems

Created several e-commerce sites - experience with Authorize Net, Stripe and Google Analytics

Developing tools: Vagrant, Oracle Virtual Box, Laravel’s Vallet & Homestead (currently uses Laravel’s Vallet), Sublime, Terminal, Teamviewer

Experience with multi-language sites

About me

Several years in a professional background developing desktop & web applications.

With a passion for new technologies, I understand responsive web development and ready to adapt to changing design, frameworks and design principles

Very sharp analytic mind: strong logical and creative problem-solving skills

Currently maintain and improve several complicated applications (HS, Kino)

Comfortable working with modern PHP and JavaScript frameworks

Good ability to read and comprehend technical specifications

Excellent verbal and written communication skills

Know how to work in changing environments with ability to juggle multiple projects with tight deadlines

Strong work ethic: ability to work independently, effectively and efficiently in team-based projects, project-driven environment

Live in NYC

Fluent in French and Spanish

Work Experience

WEB & APP DESIGNER @Ponga Consulting

Spring 2013 to present

Created several web applications using the Laravel framework.


For the past 20 years

Design, development and installation of complete cross platform data management systems. Internet/Intranet database client-server for very high-performance and functional systems


In the 90's

Worked for several companies both in the US and in France with the 4th Dimension database.

Ponga Consulting, Inc.

This is my company. This is a web development and database consulting shop based in New York City that has been providing high level technical consulting services to a variety of clients since 2001.

Ponga Consulting also creates web interface - front end and back end - current framework of choice: Laravel and Vue.js.

Also provide hosting and tech support for friends and family.


Harlem Spirituals

Travel Industry

Created the in-house custom management system.
Full redesign of the web site a year ago using Laravel.
All the information displayed is database driven - Multi languages support - Shopping cart.

Rent Direct NY

New York City's no broker fee apartments rentals

Crafted the database that allows RDNY to offer list of apartments to rent in NY area.
Importing and processing data from major NYC landlords

Kino Lorber

Major Films Distributor

Manage the internal database: films catalog, invoicing, royalties reporting.
Created automated complex procedures for importing orders from Web, Amazon, Netflix & others.